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Knight Fencing Gear LLC was established based on one founding principle; “everyone should learn to fence”. We are still in the early days of our humble beginnings yet we have made strong progress in the past year, launching a website that people love and offering fencing gear. We are proud of what we accomplished and continue to be passionate about delivering on our promise to become a premier sport fencing supplier.

Over time, our focus on supporting the needs of the individual fencer and gaining insight into the services and equipment that best serves the community will allow us to adapt and grow to meet those demands. Knight Fencing Gear LLC is underway in implementing a newsletter. Our team is working to offers free training advice, fencing stories, fencing quotes, general fencing knowledge and we want to hear your stories and struggles with fencing. Please join our newsletter today and let us become more than a supplier of trusted equipment. I know our best days are still ahead.

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